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Camera-less Photography: Cyanotype, Lumen & Cyanolumen (3-day)

Art Classes

22-24 Jul, 10am-4pm

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Open to all adults – no prior knowledge and/or experience is necessary, although an appreciation for Fine Art practices is desirable.

This 3-day workshop offers a captivating exploration into the origins and contemporary resurgence of photographic techniques predating the invention of the camera. Over three immersive days, participants will embark on a 200-year journey through the history of photography, delving into the fascinating world of camera-less processes. Led by an experienced tutor, the workshop introduces learners to alternative photographic printing practices such as chemigram, cyanotype, cyanolumen and lumen, highlighting their visual allure and environmental sustainability. No prior experience is required, making it accessible to all enthusiasts aged 18 and above, though an appreciation for fine art practices is beneficial.

Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in hands-on learning, mastering the safe preparation of chemicals, coating papers for printing, and executing exposure techniques.

Day one focuses on historical and contemporary uses of various processes, while day two delves into practical applications, including creating prints and chemigrams. Emphasising creativity and experimentation, learners will develop their projects under the guidance of the tutor, culminating in an informal showcase and Q&A session. By day three, participants will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of alternative photographic practices, honed their skills in analogue techniques, and produced a portfolio of original prints, ready to embark on their artistic journeys in camera-less photography.

  • Historical and contemporary uses of cyanotype, cyanolumen, lumen, and chemigrams.
  • Safe preparation of the required chemicals, including plant-based alternatives.
  • Coating and preparation of different papers for printing.
  • Techniques for exposing, UV-printing, developing, fixing, washing, and drying prints.
  • Methods for protecting, storing, and archiving prints.
  • Encouragement for participants to revisit a technique or process of their choice with tutor support.
  • Opportunities for participants to focus, experiment, and work towards outcomes.
  • Informal Q&A session for celebrating outcomes in a supportive environment.
  • Understanding the relevance of alternative processes and practices in contemporary photography.
  • Assessment methods include Q&A, observations, and practical sessions using specialist materials and tools to build a body of experimental work.

Materials (provided to the students)
All necessary materials will be provided, including:
A4 drawing board, A4 contact glass, A4 archival watercolour paper, A4 photographic black and white darkroom paper, Clamps, Tongs, UV exposure lamps, Dried and pressed plants, Paint brushes, Cyanotype chemistry, Photographic fixer & developer, Developing trays, Information sheets

Materials (required by the students)
The following materials are optional:
– Watercolour paper (in various sizes)
– Expired and/or exposed black and white darkroom photographic paper (in various sizes and ages)
– Pressed and dried flowers and/or leaves

Aindreas Scholz, mentored by acclaimed artists during his studies in Dublin and London, has evolved into an educator and advocate for sustainable photography, exploring pressing environmental issues through his creative practice.

——–The programme is designed for people of all ability and experience. Age limits are at the discretion of the Landmark Arts Centre. Landmark Arts Centre reserves the right to make alterations to our published event programme where reasonably necessary. NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR TUTOR or ACT SUBSTITUTION.

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22-24 Jul, 10am-4pm

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