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Creating Beautiful Butterflies (2-day)

Art Classes

27-28 Aug, 10am-4pm

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Open to all adults – ideal for those who have some drawing and painting experience and enjoy creating detailed depictions.

Do you love drawing and painting, and find butterflies fascinating? This 2-day course we will give you tips for the accurate depiction of a butterfly using pen and ink, watercolour and gouache paints. Observation and accurate drawing methods will also be covered.

You will learn how to draw a butterfly in pencil and to increase its size to scale. The next step will be to explore using ink and watercolour paints to add colour, texture and patterns in an accurate and artistic way. Capturing patterns on a butterflies wings can be a mesmerising pass time!

Gouache paints will also be used as they can add an extra dimension and help capture the different textures, hairs and patterns you will see when looking closely at a butterfly.

*If you have attended one of our previous butterfly courses, this will be a great opportunity to build on what you learnt.

Class Content
– How to draw a butterfly to scale and capture its markings
– How to use ink pens and/or watercolour paints to colour your butterfly
– How to use gouache for certain textures

Materials (provided to the students)
Sketch paper, H and HB pencils, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, Tracing paper, Micron pens, Watercolour paper, Synthetic watercolour brushes (size 4)
You are welcome to bring your own materials if you prefer.
* The tutor will provide photos of butterflies and some pinned specimens, but students are welcome to bring their own reference pictures. If you prefer moths, you can bring a picture of a moth to paint.

Materials (required by the students)
You will need to provide your own set of watercolour paints
, please contact the tutor if you need advice on this.
Please bring your own watercolour brushes if you have some and are accustomed to using them.
If you have your own sketch book you may wish to use it instead of the sketch paper provided.

Hazel Wilks, studied Zoology in South Africa and is a professional botanical artist.

——–The programme is designed for people of all ability and experience. Age limits are at the discretion of the Landmark Arts Centre. Landmark Arts Centre reserves the right to make alterations to our published event programme where reasonably necessary. NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR TUTOR or ACT SUBSTITUTION.

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27-28 Aug, 10am-4pm

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