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Drumming Workshops (different ages)


ONE-OFF: 10 June (different times)

Start Time: 2pm (adults), 3pm (all ages), 4pm (child+parent)

Duration: 45' per session

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Open to all ages (sessions for adults, and sessions for young people and families). You don’t need to have any prior musical or other experience, and you don’t need to bring with you any instruments.

Fun, peer-reviewed and evidence-based whole person drumming workshops which promote socialisation and ensure a healthy non-strenuous workout. They have been proven to strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, improve mood, bring to the surface what is difficult to express verbally and improve creativity.

For Adults only: 2.00-2.45pm
For ALL AGES (13+): 3.00-3.45pm
For 5-12yrs + parent: 4.00-4.45pm (parents are welcome to attend and participate for free)

Drumming is a universal activity that is part of every culture. It is equally enjoyed by people of all ages.

Drumming is an inclusive nonverbal activity that enables anyone to participate, regardless of backgrounds and abilities. No previous experience is required for participation.

Drumming, without expectations of perfection or mastery, reduces self-judgment and performance anxiety and, thus, encourages a growth mindset that is essential to learning, participation, and performance.

Creative expression that embraces mistakes as part of the learning process can bring the missing element of joy and laughter to the lives of people. The arts are uniquely capable of enhancing positive emotions which, in turn, builds resilience. People are empowered by discovering that they don’t need to be stuck in their feelings.

Active music-making engages large areas of the brain, which quite literally crowds out stress, grief, and pain and keeps us in the present moment. Calming stress reactivity in the lower brain enables engagement of rational brain functions in the upper brain, such as sequential thinking, decision–making, and social behaviour that are inhibited by trauma.

Drumming offers a non-verbal means of self-expression and engagement when verbal communication is limited by trauma, ability, language differences, or culture. It also offers an external pathway for mindfulness, which may be particularly helpful for those who have experienced trauma and for whom internal practices can be triggering.

Rhythmic synchrony (a form of empathy) stimulates a reward centre of the brain and leads to positive behaviour, compassion, and altruism.

With drumming, one can participate as much or as little as one likes, yet still be engaged and be part of the group. Drumming is a contained activity, as everyone is seated, and participants can eel safe behind their drum. Shared creative experiences offer organic opportunities for meaningful dialogue, development of empathy, and community building. And they offer an opportunity for embodied social emotional learning that is enduring.

Studies of group drumming with adults have shown measurable improvements in biological, psychological and social measures of stress, particularly when reflection and self-disclosure are incorporated. Research with other age groups also supports the benefits of this process.

Rhythmic strategies can be utilised easily in classrooms as a kinaesthetic tool for facilitating learning, cooperative behaviour, and a positive environment.

Rhythmic skill development can facilitate literacy. The ability to tap in sync with a metronome predicts the brain’s ability to track syllables.

Mike Simpson & Inspire Works

£10 per 45′ session (1 ticket is required per parent & child for the last session.)

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ONE-OFF: 10 June (slots according to age)

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