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HALFTERM: Song writing & Music Production (11-18yrs)


#HALFTERM Tue 23 or 24 Oct 10am-3pm

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2 x 1-day workshops for young people (11 – 18yrs) with some fundamental music experience.

The two courses will run independently of each other (you can book just one of them), but will be structured and taught as if they were 2 parts of the same course (you would benefit more if you were attending both parts of it).

The workshops are focusing on songwriting/composition techniques and music production with both instruments and technology. Under the guidance of professional musicians you will learn how to compose, arrange and produce a demo using DIY techniques you can use in your bedroom.

Songwriting Camp
This one day songwriting camp will focus on getting your ideas out of your head and into a computer or device. We will focus on common songwriting techniques such as chord progressions, melodic structure and instrument arrangement. By the end of the day you should have a fully formed basic song idea ready to refine, record and produce.

Music Production Camp
This one day Music Production Camp will teach you all you need to know to produce a high quality DIY demo at home. From setting up microphones to using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software to record and produce. You will learn the fundamental skills of Music Production including levels, mixing and effects. By the end of the day you should have a good quality track showcasing all you have learn’t.

Material / Equipment
Participants should bring their own instruments e.g. guitar, violin, (no drumkit). If wanting to explore technology aspects students could bring their own laptop/ipad device (though some might also be provided).

Peter Lewington

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#HALFTERM Tue 23 or 24 Oct 10am-3pm

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