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Life Drawing: Portraits (3-day)

Art Classes

22-24 Jul, 10am-4pm

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Suitable for adults, beginners and those with some experience. A little general drawing experience would be helpful but is not essential.3

This course focuses on drawing the head and develops your knowledge of anatomical structure, facial proportions and features. You will also learn how to compose a portrait to express mood and reveal character. A range of linear and tonal methods will be explored and different techniques practiced.

You will draw from a variety of clothed models and be taught how to depict the head from different viewpoints. Two half day sessions will be spent developing an understanding of structure, features and proportions. For these sessions you will mainly draw from skulls and simplified sculptures of the head. For the rest of the course you will be drawing from live models. There will usually be two clothed models sitting at a time to give participants variety and enable them to get closer.

All participants will work from an easel either sitting or standing.

  • Understanding main proportions and anatomy of the head.
  • Measuring, alignment, shape finding and drawing the head from different viewpoints.
  • Tonal values, the theory and application of light and shade.
  • Finding and defining planes within the head
  • Develop your own personal response.

Materials (required by the students)
A pad or plenty of A3 or A2 cartridge paper and/or coloured paper, 3 or 4 sheets of mid-toned paper (suggest brown or grey), collection of drawing pencils (HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), one or two coloured pencils (any colour), eraser, box of mixed size willow charcoal, conte or pastel pencils in white, black (and colours if you wish), 2 sheets of A2 tracing paper, masking tape, 2 bulldog clips, ruler and mono-zero eraser.

Optional: A4 or A5 sketchbook, folder for handouts, any other personally preferred materials such as pastels, paint, pens.

Emily Burton who studied Illustration and Drawing, has been described as a firm but smiley teacher.

The programme is designed for people of all ability and experience. Age limits  are at the discretion of the Landmark Arts Centre. Landmark Arts Centre reserves the right to make alterations to our published event programme where reasonably necessary. NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR TUTOR or ACT SUBSTITUTION.

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22-24 Jul, 10am-4pm

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