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creative journaling 4

Wellbeing: Creative Journaling (Spr23)

Art Classes & Workshops

Date: Wed 18 January 2023 - Wed 15 March 2023

Start Time: 7pm

Duration: 2 hours

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This course is open to all, whether you are an absolute beginner or just want to help develop your practice. An opportunity to explore both mindfulness and art. Allowing you to focus on being present in the moment by combining both these practices to help you focus and concentrate to be in the present moment.

These sessions allow some personal time out from your busy life by allowing you to stop, press the reset button: combining meditation with simple drawing and other creative techniques. Each session will provide an opportunity to learn new creative skills in combination with mindfulness incorporating meditations, visualisations, and mindful poetry readings.

So come and join this class – switch off your phones, learn to be in the moment, breath and allow yourself to just be in the moment.

Each block is designed as a standalone, if you start on block two, there will be new activities to explore.


  • How to use art journaling as a tool to your creativity.
  • Simple mindfulness, visualisation well-being techniques.
  • An introduction to different creative medias and skills
  • Additional reading will be provided between each session.

You will leave with new mindful and creative tools that you will be able to use in your daily life and enhance your well-being.


Block 1 

Week 1 – Back to Basics– Introduction to the power of being in the moment, the practice of gratitude and meditation by exploring simple mark making. Leaning to using daily journaling as a tool to open your creativity.

Week 2 – Visualization Board– Developing a visualisation board. Exploring the use of mixed media, collage, drawing techniques.

Week 3 –Getting in touch with our senses– Being in nature and the power of observation.

Week 4Bringing it all together– Final project for this block – create a larger piece of work from techniques taught over the past few weeks.

Block 2

Week 1 – The Power of Colour– Exploring colour and how it can impact on our moods. Using colour in your creative process.

Week 2 –Mark making– Still life and use of different drawing techniques using mixed media, charcoals, pastels, graphite pencils

Week 3 –Let it flow– An opportunity to be playful with inks, creating abstract images. Use of different techniques exploring inks and watercolour paper

Week 4Bringing it all together– Final project for this block – create a larger piece of work from techniques taught over the past few weeks.

Each block will incorporate an opportunity to build on and develop new creative skills each week. Building on from previous sessions the final week will be an opportunity to bring these all together to create a final outcome piece.

TUTOR: Louise Anderson

Materials List

A4 or A3 cartridge hardback sketchbook, collection of drawing pencils (HB, 2B, 6B), eraser, willow charcoal, ruler, glue, scissors, masking tape, watercolour paints, brushes suitable for watercolour. A selection of coloured media which could include charcoals, pastels, and felt pens. Black Indian Drawing Ink and any other colours you may like.


4 weeks from 18 January 2023

Dates: 18, 25, Jan & 1, 8 Feb


4 weeks from 22 February 2023

Dates: 22, 29 Feb & 8, 15 Mar

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Wednesdays 7pm, 4 weeks

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