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Submit information for the Summer School 2024

A new form needs to be completed for each course/workshop you are delivering for the Landmark (unless you are offering the exact same activity at different dates).


Please fill a SEPARATE form for EACH of the summer school classes you are teaching. Do NOT combine courses in this form!

Enter N/A if any of the below is not applicable for your class.
Please include numbers of tables, easels, chairs, boards, wooden blocks, jars, napkins, etc
Please include flip chart, projector, tables, easel, chairs, fans, lights, plinths, etc
Please state anything that you are NOT providing, and the students have NOT been asked to bring in. Only state here things that you want the Landmark to buy. If you need us to order material for students (eg. pens, paper, watercolours, brushes etc) please provide:

1) a detailed description of each item (not all of us are artists!)
2) a suggested brand name if possible
3) quantity per student (this is important to be accurate as we will be ordering according to the numbers of students registered), or please state items that are shared between students.
4) examples of providers that we could buy from.
Any other information – Anything else we need to know (reply not required)