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Creative Still Life

Art Classes

6 weeks from 18 April 2024
18, 25 April
2, 9, 16, 23 May

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Open to all adults. A little artistic experience of some sort would be useful but is not essential. Enthusiasm and a willingness to have a go in a supportive environment are more important.

Still life is the theme of this course but the approaches explored could be applied to a variety of subjects. We will start with traditional observational skills, before experimenting with colour, composition and mark-making. Inspiration will be taken from different artists and art movements including Matisse, Morandi, Pointillism and Cubism.

This course would suit people who enjoy creatively experimenting with different materials and ways of looking. It would be suitable for beginners who wish to try a variety of approaches but also for the intermediate artist who wishes to reinvigorate their practice. Due to space restrictions, we will be working from carefully composed photographs of still life set-ups.

  • Traditional drawing skills – obtaining correct proportions through alignment, shape and comparative measurement, analysing light and shade.
  • Working with wash then line, looking at the abstract shapes formed by negative shapes and shadows, then using line selectively to bring the image together.
  • Matisse-inspired collage, matching colour to tone. Working with Matisse’s colour palette. Considering composition, playing with hard and torn edges and changes of scale.
  • A Morandi-inspired monochrome study using line and marks but no outline. Other tonal methods may also be explored. – A look at optical colour-mixing methods, inspired by pointillism and similar methods. Creating vibrating colour and exaggerating colour bias.
  • Using collage, geometric shapes, straight and curved lines, multiple viewpoints and expressive tone to create a Cubist interpretation of the still life.

Please bring the following to the first lesson:
Pencils, putty rubber or eraser.
Three A4 or A3 sheets of mid-toned paper in grey, beige, brown or blue (brown parcel paper will do).
White pastel pencil or white conte pencil.
Any brand is fine but I recommend Pitt pastel pencils.
Black charcoal pencil or Pitt pastel pencil, willow charcoal sticks.
Ruler, Masking Tape.
Optional: white chalk or conte stick.

These items are required for the following lessons but if needed advice will be given on at the first session.

We may be able to work with what you already own:
A4 or A3 paper pad of any good quality fairly heavy cartridge paper, with tear-out sheets.
Watercolour, or gouache, or acrylic paints- ideally two different reds, two yellows, two blues.
Approx four sheets of A4 or A3 watercolour paper ( cold-pressed surface ideally).
Any brushes already owned, if purchasing I suggest at least three brushes, one fine one of size 2 or 3, one medium one of any size between 5 and 8 and one wash brush larger than your medium brush with either a round or square/flat-headed end.
Approx 4 sheets A4 (or A3 if that’s your sketchbook size) tracing paper.
Scissors, Glue (e.g. pritt stick).
Two or three black or brown drawing or writing pens in different nib widths if possible, a black marker pen such as a sharpie or larger.
Optional: Sketchbook, coloured pencils or felt tips, hairspray or fixative (helpful for drawing in week one), any other personally preferred materials.

Emily Burton

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WEEKLY: Thursdays 10am-1pm

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