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Event and Exhibition Preparation

Event and Exhibition Preparation – the Lift It & Shift It Gang

As a busy centre, we want to create a new team to support our staff with setting up and taking down equipment for concerts, exhibitions and other events.

Our huge main space is extremely flexible and can be set up in a number of different ways, but that also means we frequently need to re-set equipment which takes time.

For example, it can take three hours to correctly set up 329 numbered chairs in the right place or four days to set up all the stands for an art fair. With more help we can reduce changeover times.

More info:

  • daytime Monday – Friday & occasionally weekends

  • ad hoc depending on our events programme. Some weeks we will have multiple events requiring several re-settings of equipment whilst other periods will be quieter.

  • involve setting out chairs, staging units, tables etc for a concert; putting up exhibition display panels, tables, chairs, signage for exhibitions; setting up the bar area & generally making sure all equipment needed for an event is in place

  • a degree of physical fitness and the ability to lift and carry chairs etc. Training in safe handling will be given and protective clothing supplied where appropriate (e.g. riggers’ gloves).