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Technical Information for Hirers

The Building Context

The Landmark Arts Centre (LAC) is housed in a nineteenth century, Grade II* listed former church. It is an extremely large and flexible space. The Main Hall can be used for dance, music, comedy, cabaret, exhibitions and lectures, with or without seating (according to license restrictions). For smaller events, the Stage can be used on its own with retractable screens to separate it from the Main Hall, and the Bell Room and Studio are also available as dressing room space.

Technical Information PDF

You can download our full technical information PDF here.

Or read below for more information.

To get a fuller impression of the space, other photos of the interior of the building can be found in the Hire section of the website.

Technical Information

  • Large, flat and flexible space opening into the café/ bar and reception/box office areas. Carpeted throughout. The walls are stone and there are four stone pillars on either side of the main body of the hall. The ceiling is extremely high (24m) with wooden vaulting.
    There are gas -powered heaters mounted on specialist heater beams at 5 metre height around the perimeter.

    Toilets are accessed via a lobby at the rear of the hall and there are three full height fire exits at the rear.

    The audience is seated, either completely on one level or with a semi-raked area at the rear. There is no fixed raked seating. The venue is not licensed for standing only for concerts.

    Main Hall capacity:

    Seating capacity: 329 – seated only.

    Building capacity: 388 in total – including company.

    Wheelchair spaces: 4 – 6, by arrangement.

  • There are three possible stage spaces available: the main stage, cabaret stage and in the round.

    The main stage is in the former chancel of the church and faces the main auditorium area.

    The floor is sprung and covered with black and white vinyl tiles. There are fixed exhibition screens (2.4m height) to SR and SL. These are grey but covered in black cloth. There are four gas-powered heaters mounted on specialist heater beams at 5 metre height to SL and SR.

    Retractable grey screens (1.8m height) can be used to separate the Stage from the Main Hall. Please note that there are no fixed wings, flies, or access backstage to provide performer entry on both sides of the stage. Wings plus a false backdrop can be set up on stage, but no fly facilities can be created without hiring a rig.

    Maximum recommended number of performers: 55 orchestral musicians or 100 singers.

    The cabaret stage position is on the north side of the main hall but is not a permanent fixture. Created out of staging units, it provides an ideal space for solo artists or up to 5 musicians. Audience seating capacity 180, arranged in a semi-circle around the stage.

    False backdrop provided and wings can be created if required.

    In the round staging for circus or dance performances is possible in the main auditorium, but please note rigging for sound and light plus a dance floor would need to be hired in and charged to the Hirer.

  • Used as the principal dressing room, it has direct and discreet access to the main stage area and auditorium and to private toilets and kitchen. White walls, dance standard lino flooring, central heating and ceiling lights (non-dimmable). Leaded windows across one whole wall (with blinds).

  • Main stage: 8m width x 10 m depth (approx). Approached by three steps, on one side. There is also a wheelchair lift for disabled performers.

    Cabaret Stage: 4.8m width x 3.6 m depth (approx). Approached by three steps, on one side.

    In the Round Staging: No fixed size.

  • Parking: There is no onsite parking for audiences and very limited parking for visiting company vehicles (7 spaces). Priority is given to performers and patrons with disabilities or large instruments, props/sound/wardrobe etc vehicles. All other vehicles can be offloaded at the stage door or public entrance, but then must be taken offsite and parked on the free street parking surrounding the LAC.

    Get – in: Access is through either the public entrance at the front or the stage door at the rear. Both public and stage doors have ramped access. Large pieces of equipment or instruments can be brought into the building via a fire exit by prior arrangement and at the discretion of the management.

  • Located at the rear of the stage: 2x13amp x 2

    Located by stage left (RCD protected): 2x13amp

    Located by stage right (RCD protected): 2x13amp

    Because of the nature of the building there are limitations on power supplied. 6,4 or 2 way trailing cables are available.


  • Bell Room: Green room/main dressing room (adjacent to stage) which can be split into two separate changing areas if required. Mirrors, dress rails, iron and iron board provided.

    Studio: Situated at the rear of the auditorium on the first floor, our Art Studio can be used as extra dressing room. Access to audience toilets below. No private route backstage; access through main hall only.

  • Stage Lighting:

    Desk: Zero 88 Jester 12/24 ML:

    2 x bars of four x 56’s Par Cans
    4 x Strand SL 15/32, 4 x Strand SL 23/50
    2 x 650w Fresnels
    8 x LED 1m RGB bars

    Dimming control 3 x Zero 88 6 channels(18 in total)

    All lighting (except LEDs) is side mounted onto heater/ladder beams, no grid system in place over stage areas. A weight limit applies to the beams: Any ‘brought in’ equipment must be PAT tested and arranged with venue before event. The venue has the right to refuse any equipment.

  • Desk: 

    Allen and Heath QU16 Digital
    AB168 Audio rack- Cat 5
    2 x 12” Horn speakers (Delayed pair)

    In- House Speakers Function One:

    6 x 10” Horn speakers (Delayed pair)
    Monitors: 3x FBT StageMaxx 12ma 500watt


    Other sound equipment (used to supplement main hall system or used standalone):

    100w Amp, 2 x Function One speakers, 2
    Various limited selection of cable available.
    SM58 Microphone – 5 stage + 1 backstage for

    SM57 Microphone – 6 stage
    DI Boxes – 4
    Comms at sound desk & backstage
    Music stands – 6 black unlit


    Classes/Private hires held on stage: 

    100w Amp, C.D. player, four small,fixed


    Any other ‘brought in’ equipment must be arranged with venue before event:

    Equipment must be PAT tested before brought onsite. The venue has the right to refuse any equipment.


    Information: The venue is a listed church building: 

    There is a natural 5.5ms sound delay due to the nature of the building. The delay built into the in-house speaker system combats this within zonal areas.

  • Projection: NEC NP210 mobile projector, 8 x 8ft fastfold screen; front and rear projection. Small pop-up screen.

    Staging units: Various heights, please ask.

    Concert piano: Yamaha C7 concert grand – must be booked in advance, tuning fee may be applicable.

    •  Floorplan: concert floorplan showing dressing rooms, audience seating, access and technical position is available on request or can be downloaded from our website.
    •  In order to maintain our good relationship with local residents, the venue is subject to a 102db limit and this must be strictly adhered to.
    • All entertainment (live or recorded) must stop by 11pm. (Sunday –10.30pm)
    • The In-House sound and lighting systems are operated by LAC or LAC hired technicians unless by prior arrangement.
    • All electrical equipment brought in by any visiting company must be tested to Health and Safety and electrical requirements, with appropriate certificates.
    • All flammable items (e.g: sets, costumes) should be adequately fire-proofed by the visiting company prior to its arrival at the LAC.
    • Please consult with us in advance if you wish to use a smoke machine.
    • No naked flames are allowed.

    Any queries regarding these facilities should be made before signing any contract or hire applications. The LAC will not accept any responsibility for failure or non-suitability of any equipment hired or brought in or of any equipment that does not comply with present Health and Safety and Electrical regulations.

Technical Enquiries

Colin Newton, Facilities & Operations Manager, deals with all technical queries.

Contact Colin on 020 8977 7558 or via Colin at the LAC